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Ought to I Add Water To My Canine’s Dry Meals?

Ought to I Add Water To My Canine’s Dry Meals?


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Ought to I add water to my canine’s dry meals?

Our information canine faculty has not too long ago suggested us so as to add a small quantity of water to our canine’s kibble.

Principally, simply sufficient water to make your canine’s kibble like bobbing for apples.

Pet sitting client Molly waiting for her kibble to soak 

Pet sitting shopper Molly ready for her kibble to soak 

Outdoors of information canine puppies, do you have to add water to your canine’s meals?

If you happen to feed kibble, you’re most likely seen the reminder to all the time present your canine with contemporary water on any given bag that you just’ve bought.

In any case, the explanation that dry pet food has its title is that the typical moisture content material of kibble is simply someplace between 6% to 12%!

That’s a fraction of the moisture content material you’ll discover in canned and uncooked pet food, which is between 75%-85%.

It is sensible when you concentrate on it from a shelf life perspective as moist meals spoils extra rapidly than dry meals.

However everyone knows that correct hydration is crucial for correct organ functioning and good well being in all residing beings, so what about including water to your canine’s dry meals

That’s a sound query, particularly in case your pup doesn’t drink sufficient water from their bowl!

So on this weblog put up, we’ll have a look at 8 execs and three cons of placing water in kibble.

We’ll additionally present completely different soaking time pointers to realize a wide range of functions and point out the ratio of water to dry meals so as to add.

Final however not least, we’ll speak about whether or not or not soaked kibble has an impression on bloat together with 9 moisture wealthy meals toppers as a substitute for water.

Prepared? Let’s leap proper in! 

What Is The Profit Of Including Water To Canine Meals?

Under, you’ll discover 8 the explanation why including water to a canine’s dry meals might be useful.

Improved Hydration

The obvious profit is that including water to dry pet food helps improve the moisture content material of the meal.

That is significantly useful for canines who: 

  • Are identified with sure ailments like kidney illness, diabetes and UTIs
  • Don’t drink sufficient water on their very own

For instance, canines with kidney illness typically expertise elevated water loss as a result of they must pee excessively. 

That’s why soaked kibble can assist assist kidney operate and forestall dehydration. 

For canines with diabetes, they sometimes have elevated water consumption resulting from excessive blood sugar ranges. That’s why it may be useful so as to add water to kibble to handle their situation and forestall dehydration.

Additionally, UTIs may cause elevated thirst and urination in canines. That’s why hydrated kibble can assist these pups flush out micro organism and keep urinary tract well being.

Assist With Dental Points

Older canines with dental issues, lacking tooth, or delicate gums might have problem chewing and swallowing dry kibble. 

That’s when including water might be actually useful as a result of it softens the meals and makes it simpler for them to eat and digest.

I bear in mind doing this with my canine Buzz after he had a tooth eliminated at his vet’s. 

He was 4 years outdated on the time and had fractured considered one of his higher molars when he was chewing on a smoked beef bone from the grocery retailer.

So I soaked his kibble in water for five minutes whereas he had a swollen cheek, which lasted for two weeks. 

Since he was all the time a choosy eater whereas he ate kibble, I additionally added a couple of moisture-rich meals toppings he enjoys from the checklist in an upcoming part.

Simply FYI, this incident occurred a couple of months earlier than I switched Buzz and his sister Missy from kibble to uncooked pet food, and I realized 3 beneficial classes once I did:

  1. Uncooked-fed canines drink quite a bit much less water than kibble-fed canines as a result of as I discussed earlier than, uncooked pet food has virtually 8 instances extra water content material than kibble.
  2. It is best to by no means supply your canine weight bearing bones from massive hooved animals akin to cows. That’s as a result of they’re extremely dense and onerous given the quantity of animal weight they must assist! And sure, it’s sufficient to interrupt a canine tooth. 
  3. Uncooked pet food affords a lot of meals selection and completely different textures that may “treatment” a choosy eater. Buzz stopped his meals antics the second he began consuming uncooked pet food, and I by no means needed to entice him to eat ever once more.

Enhanced Palatability

Some canines might discover dry kibble much less interesting resulting from its texture or style.

That’s significantly true for smaller canine breeds who’re recognized to be choosy eaters in any case.

On this case, including water cannot solely make the meals softer, it additionally brings out extra of its taste, particularly when the water is lukewarm.

I bear in mind having to do that for a number of of my smaller pet sitting shoppers!

Digestive Help

Moistening dry pet food also can assist with a canine’s digestion, particularly in canines with delicate stomachs or these vulnerable to gastrointestinal points. 

The added moisture helps break down the meals extra simply, facilitating digestion and nutrient absorption. 

In some circumstances, it might probably additionally assist alleviate constipation or dry stools.

Weight Administration

Including water to dry pet food will increase the amount of the meal with out growing the calorie content material. 

That method, it offers them a bigger portion measurement that helps them really feel fuller though you’re feeding them much less kibble.

So this strategy might be useful for kibble-fed canines on a weight administration program.

Temperature Regulation

For canines who reside in sizzling climates, including water to dry pet food can assist preserve your canine cool and hydrated, particularly in the event that they don’t drink sufficient water on their very own.

That method, it supplies a further supply of water consumption and helps stop overheating.

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

Moistening dry pet food also can help within the absorption of vitamins from the meal. 

The water helps to interrupt down the meals particles and makes it simpler for the canine’s physique to extract and make the most of the vitamins from the meals. 

Clearly, this could contribute to improved total well being and vitality in your canine.

Customization for Particular person Wants

Including water to dry pet food additionally makes it simpler to customise your canine’s meal based mostly on their particular wants. 

For instance, in case your canine requires further joint assist, you possibly can combine of their dietary supplements with the water earlier than moistening the dry meals. 

This fashion, you possibly can tailor the meal to deal with particular well being considerations or dietary necessities.

Potential Cons Of Placing Water In Kibble

OK, now that we’ve checked out a number of completely different advantages, let’s cowl a couple of downsides of soaking kibble in water.


An important draw back is that moist kibble can spoil if it’s not eaten inside an inexpensive timeframe. 

As a common guideline, moistened kibble shouldn’t be not noted at room temperature for greater than 2 hours, so soaking kibble might not work effectively for canines who graze. 

After that point, micro organism can begin to multiply quickly, growing the danger of foodborne sicknesses or spoilage. 

That’s why it’s necessary to throw out any uneaten meals promptly to keep away from bacterial development or contamination.

Texture and Palatability

Some canines might favor the feel and style of dry kibble and should not take pleasure in it as soon as it’s moistened. 

So go forward and observe your canine’s choice and alter the soaking time or water quantity accordingly.

Portability and Comfort

Soaking kibble is probably not as handy for journey or on-the-go conditions in comparison with dry kibble, particularly in case your canine prefers actually mushy dry meals, which takes some time to get to its consistency.

How Lengthy To Soak Kibble In Water?

We haven’t talked about how lengthy you need to soak kibble for, so let’s try this now.

And simply as a aspect be aware, so far as what dry pet food you possibly can add water to, you possibly can add water to any model or sort of dry pet food.

However do your self and your pup a favor and attempt to keep away from these 10 worst dry canine meals!

Preserving that in thoughts, how lengthy to soak kibble in water is determined by the precise wants of your canine. 

Listed below are a while pointers for soaking kibble:

  • 5-10 minutes: Makes it simpler for canines with dental points to chew dry pet food with out turning it into a whole mush.
  • 10-Quarter-hour: Helps launch extra of the meals’s aroma and might make it extra interesting for choosy eaters (particularly in the event you use heat water).
  • 20-Half-hour: Lengthy sufficient for the kibble to utterly take up the water. This significantly will increase your canine’s hydration stage.

How A lot Water To Add To Dry Canine Meals?

Whenever you’re including water to dry pet food, you’ll want to seek out the correct stability to satisfy your pup’s respective wants.

A very good place to begin is so as to add ¼ cup of water per 1 cup of dry pet food.

Observe how your canine reacts to their moistened meals. Some canines favor a softer texture, whereas others might favor it solely barely moistened. 

Progressively alter the quantity of water based mostly in your canine’s choice.

For many canines (besides these with dental points), the aim is to moisten the kibble with out turning it right into a mushy consistency.

As a result of the issue with mushy kibble is that it might probably follow your canine’s tooth and trigger buildup in the event you don’t brush them.

So ideally, the meals ought to be softened and simpler to chew, however nonetheless retain some texture.

Can Including Water To Dry Canine Meals Trigger Bloat?

Fortunately, including water to dry pet food usually doesn’t trigger bloat. 

If you happen to don’t know what bloat is, it’s also called gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV).

That’s a severe and doubtlessly life-threatening situation when a canine’s abdomen fills with fuel, twists on itself and cuts off the canine’s oxygen provide.

That stated, bloat is extra generally related to: 

  • Fast consuming
  • Massive meals
  • Consuming massive quantities of water in a single sitting
  • Exercising vigorously shortly after consuming

Which makes a very powerful elements in stopping bloat: 

  • Feeding smaller, extra frequent meals
  • Utilizing canine slow-feeders or puzzle toys to decelerate consuming
  • Avoiding train for 30-60 minutes earlier than and after meals
  • Being conscious of the canine’s particular person threat elements (sure deep-chested breeds are predisposed to bloat)
Pet sitting client Truman with his slow feeder dog bowl

Pet sitting shopper Truman together with his gradual feeder canine bowl

On that be aware, considered one of my pet sitting shoppers was a Nice Dane proprietor who was conscious about the truth that her favourite canine breed was additionally essentially the most vulnerable to bloating.

She had a long time of expertise with Nice Danes, and he or she all the time instructed me so as to add just a little heat water to their kibble meals once I fed them.

My Great Dane clients Shade, Haley & Shaun with their moistened kibble

My Nice Dane shoppers Shade, Haley & Shaun with their moistened kibble

What Else Can I Add To My Canine’s Dry Meals For Moisture?

In addition to pure water, it’s also possible to high your canine’s dry meals off with sure meals which can be naturally wealthy in water! 

For instance:

  • Cucumber (95% water content material)
  • Watermelon (90-92% water content material)
  • Pumpkin purée (90-92% water content material)
  • Bone broth (90-95% water content material)
  • Inexperienced beans (90% water content material)
  • Goat’s milk (85-90% water content material)
  • Plain kefir (85-90% water content material)
  • Plain yogurt (75-85% water content material)
  • A uncooked egg (75-80% water content material)
Pet sitting client Oakley had her kibble topped off with green beans for extra moisture

Pet sitting shopper Oakley had her kibble topped off with inexperienced beans for further moisture

These meals could also be a greater choice for very choosy eaters who demand extra taste than simply plain water! 

They’re additionally filled with a wide range of important vitamins akin to Nutritional vitamins and minerals, so what’s to not love?

Word: Whereas all of those choices can contribute to hydration resulting from their water content material, they need to not substitute your canine’s common water consumption. 

You may as well high your canine’s dry meals off with some canned pet food or uncooked pet food. Each are significantly richer in water than kibbles.

Backside Line

The moisture content material of dry pet food is comparatively low in comparison with the moisture content material in canned and uncooked pet food. 

That is why including water to dry pet food might be significantly helpful for canines that:

  • Are older
  • Are choosy eaters
  • Dwell in a sizzling local weather
  • Don’t drink sufficient water
  • Have elevated hydration wants resulting from sicknesses
  • Have problem chewing dry kibble due to dental points

Whenever you’re gauging the correct quantity of water so as to add your canine’s dry meals, begin with ¼ cup of water per cup of kibble, and work your method up from there.

Nonetheless, please do not forget that soaked kibble can spoil comparatively rapidly, so that you’ll need to choose up any uneaten soaked meals after 2 hours and toss it. 

In addition to water, it’s also possible to add some further hydration with meals which can be naturally wealthy in water akin to watermelon, cucumber and pumpkin purée.

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Should I Add Water To My Dog's Dry Food?

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