Home Cat Miralax For Cats: Makes use of, Dosage, & Facet Results

Miralax For Cats: Makes use of, Dosage, & Facet Results

Miralax For Cats: Makes use of, Dosage, & Facet Results


Image of Miralax laxatives, a relief option for feline constipation

Miralax is a human remedy typically used for the therapy of constipation in cats. It is available in a tasteless, powder kind, which is straightforward to offer to cats and is available over-the-counter.

On this article, find out how Miralax works, the dosage and how you can administer this to your cat, together with some widespread unwanted side effects.

Miralax For Cats Overview

Remedy Sort:

Osmotic laxative

Remedy Kind:

Powder kind

Widespread Names:

Polyethylene glycol 3350


Softens stools and treats constipation

Obtainable Dosages:

Powder out there in several sized bottles

Potential Facet Results:

Diarrhea, flatulence, dehydration


Use with warning in cats with dehydration, kidney illness, or delicate stomaches


Keep away from utilizing in cats which are unwell

About Miralax For Cats

Earlier than we begin discussing using Miralax in cats, we must always know just a little bit about Miralax. What’s it? Miralax is a standard over-the-counter remedy used for the short-term therapy of constipation in people. It comprises the lively ingredient polyethylene glycol 3350 (PEG 3350) and is classed as an osmotic laxative.

By the method of osmosis, these laxatives draw water into the intestines and retain it there. In consequence, the intestines swell with water and this softens the impacted, onerous, dry feces caught within the intestines. On this method, it acts as a stool softener.

Elevated water within the intestines additionally helps to enhance hydration and intestine motility (prokinetic), which prevents additional constipation. These strategies of motion will assist to supply bowel actions in mild-moderate instances of constipation.

As with people, Miralax is used for a similar function in cats to deal with constipation. Constipation is a standard subject in cats, specific in older cats.

Widespread underlying causes of constipation in cats embrace weight loss program change, kidney illness, fur ingestion, medicines, or ache (e.g., arthritis or joint points). Your vet might want to examine the underlying reason behind your cat’s constipation to take away the inflicting issue if doable and to deal with it.

Miralax supplies a mild and simple technique to deal with your cat in the event that they’re affected by constipation. The tasteless powder is straightforward to manage and is quickly stocked in shops. It would relieve constipation and keep away from your cat needing extra intrusive procedures, similar to an enema. At all times use Miralax below the recommendation and advice of your veterinarian.

Dose For Cats

Miralax is a human remedy. Due to this fact, there isn’t a official Miralax dosage. I like to recommend discussing the right dosage along with your veterinarian. They know your cat’s case and medical historical past the perfect and are in a greater place to advise on the dosage for them. The dosage of Miralax would possibly change based mostly in your cat’s age and underlying well being circumstances, and the severity of their constipation.

Nevertheless, a normal guideline for the dose in cats is to manage one-quarter teaspoon as soon as to twice every day per cat.

This can be a tough guideline for the dosage of Miralax, however as I’ve talked about, I strongly advocate discussing this along with your veterinarian first. Constipation is usually a very severe situation and it is advisable get your vet’s recommendation first earlier than trying to deal with this at house. This remedy gained’t be appropriate for each case of constipation.

How To Administer Miralax To Cats

Owner holding two food bowls filled with wet cat food

As a result of Miralax is a tasteless powder, it might probably simply be blended into moist cat meals.

Fortunately for cat homeowners, Miralax is available in a tasteless powdered kind. This makes it simpler to manage to cats in comparison with different medicines. Be sure that your cat is properly hydrated previous to taking Miralax. Present loads of water bowls and water fountains to encourage ingesting. To offer your cat Miralax, merely combine their dose (based mostly in your vet’s advice) into a few of their favourite moist meals.

Choose a moist meals that they actually like and blend the powder properly to disguise it. Click on right here for some tips about the perfect meals to cover remedy in.

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Facet Results Of Miralax For Cats

Miralax is usually a really protected remedy to offer to your cat, below the advice and recommendation of your vet. Uncomfortable side effects of this drug are minimal, however there are a couple of to contemplate.

As Miralax is an osmotic laxative, it attracts water into the intestines. This would possibly trigger dehydration within the physique, significantly in cats which have underlying circumstances, similar to kidney illness, or cats which are unwell and already dehydrated.

For that reason, Miralax ought to solely be used in case your cat is affected by delicate constipation and in case your vet has suggested it. Cats which are affected by extreme constipation are/or are very unwell will doubtless want veterinary therapy, which could embrace intravenous fluid remedy, x-rays to verify for gastrointestinal obstruction, an enema to alleviate the obstipation, and medicines (e.g., cisapride). Extreme constipation would possibly trigger an irreversible enlargement of the colon, known as megacolon, which wants pressing veterinary care.

Laxatives have the flexibility to trigger diarrhea or flatulence, significantly if an excessive amount of is given. If this happens, contact your veterinarian as they could have to prescribe a particular weight loss program, fiber, or remedy to deal with this. Use Miralax with care in cats that are likely to have delicate tummies, and hold a detailed eye on their litter field in the event that they’re utilizing Miralax.

Overdose And Emergencies

Miralax is a protected, over-the-counter remedy and points with overdoses are uncommon. Normally, giving an excessive amount of Miralax to your cat would possibly trigger diarrhea and gasoline. Nevertheless, overdoses are doable with any drug and when you have any concern that your cat has overdosed, name your emergency veterinarian straight away. You may as well name the ASPCA Animal Poison Management Middle (1-888-426-4435) or Pet Poison Helpline (1-855-764-7661) for extra data.

Potential Drug Interactions With Miralax

Miralax is a human drug and has been proven to be protected to make use of within the majority of instances, with probably fewer unwanted side effects than different laxatives. In keeping with human knowledge, the medication under are normally averted with Miralax use in individuals except suggested in any other case by their physician:

  • Bisacodyl
  • Licorice
  • Senna
  • Sodium picosulfate

In veterinary medication, potential drug interactions with Miralax aren’t well-known, however it’s a comparatively protected remedy to make use of. At all times focus on Miralax along with your veterinarian earlier than giving it to your cat. That is significantly vital in case your cat has any underlying well being circumstances or is on remedy.

Your vet will assess your cat’s particular person case and see if it’s acceptable to make use of this remedy. They’ll verify if it interacts with some other remedy your cat would possibly already be on (e.g., for diabetes or hyperthyroidism).

How To Retailer Miralax

Retailer Miralax in a child-proof container, away from excessive warmth, moisture daylight, or chilly. Keep away from freezing temperatures and hold it out of attain of youngsters.

Don’t use remedy that’s outdated—discard it.

Closing Ideas

Bengal cat exhibiting proper litter box usage

Miralax can be utilized below the steerage of your veterinarian to alleviate constipation in most cats.

Miralax is a human remedy that can be utilized to deal with delicate to reasonable instances of constipation in cats. It’s comparatively protected with few unwanted side effects and is straightforward to offer to cats because it is available in a tasteless powder kind.

Cats ought to move feces of their litter field inside eight to 12 hours after Miralax remedy. Be cautious giving it to cats that may be dehydrated or affected by kidney illness. At all times search the recommendation of your veterinarian earlier than giving Miralax to your cat.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

Is Miralax protected for cats?

Sure, Miralax is a comparatively protected and easy-to-administer remedy for cats to deal with constipation. It’s available over-the-counter and is available in a tasteless powder kind. Focus on using Miralax along with your vet earlier than utilizing it to your cat.

What if I miss a dose of Miralax?

Miralax is a protected drug used to deal with constipation. It may be given a few times every day relying in your vet’s recommendation. When you miss a dose and your cat nonetheless has indicators of constipation, name your vet for recommendation. They may advise you to offer a dose of Miralax.

How lengthy can cats take Miralax?

Miralax is used short-term for therapy of constipation. It may be used for something from a couple of days length to some weeks.

How lengthy does it take for Miralax to work in cats?

Miralax normally works inside eight to 12 hours in cats. Feces must be produced inside 24 hours.

Ought to cats take Miralax with meals?

Sure, Miralax must be administered to your cat in moist meals. Be sure that your cat has loads of water to forestall dehydration.



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