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Leo (previously Amelio)

Leo (previously Amelio)


Good day SCARS! I needed to ship an replace on our new member of the family Leo (previously named Amelio) who we’ve adopted from SCARS about 4 months in the past. Ever since we’ve adopted Leo, he’s been a personality. He’s taken over any mattress so he can for a fast cat nap. He meows consistently for consideration and purrs like a 8-cylinder engine when he will get it. He’s taken the highest spot of momma’s boy in my mom’s eye and has turned my father from a non-pet lover to his largest fan. He’s inspired all the household to go on walks on a regular basis as a result of his new dependancy to his cat stroller (see hooked up video). General, I give him and the SCARS adoption heart a 11/10 for such a great boy.

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The submit Leo (previously Amelio) appeared first on Second Probability Animal Rescue Society.



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