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Lab vs Weimaraner: Similarities and Variations | Similarities & Variations

Lab vs Weimaraner: Similarities and Variations | Similarities & Variations


Each canine is a person, even amongst breeds and littermates. This text shares my opinions and experiences with proudly owning and residing with a Lab vs Weimaraner. 

I at the moment have a purebred Weimaraner named Remy and a purebred yellow Labrador named Rip. 

I really like and respect each canine for who they’re as people in addition to how precisely they each meet their breed’s stereotypes in some ways.

Earlier than welcoming my canine into my household as puppies, I researched each breeds extensively, and talked with breeders and trainers. See our put up: Learn how to discover a good breeder.

I additionally noticed many canine of each breeds by my work at a boarding kennel, proudly owning a canine strolling enterprise, working with rescue teams and attending searching canine occasions and seminars.

That being mentioned, you may disagree with a number of the issues I say about Labs vs Weimaraners and you’d even be proper. Your expertise with Labs vs weimaraners could be completely different from mine.

All canine are definitely particular person characters.

Dwelling with a Lab vs Weimaraner

First, listed here are just a few normal observations evaluating the 2 breeds.

Each breeds are energetic sporting canine, typically very pleasant and other people oriented! They LOVE folks, affection and a spotlight. They’re household canine and revel in being concerned with regardless of the persons are doing.

They’re sometimes pleasant with different canine, too.

Labs and Weimaraners are likely to chew and carry issues of their mouths, whilst adults. In the event that they don’t have their very own objects to chew, they may choose up and carry round your sneakers, socks and children’ toys. 

Labs and Weimaraners can each be very hyper and immature till they’re effectively past 2 years outdated and each want some severe obedience coaching and train from very early on. 

Lab vs Weimaraner

They’re robust and highly effective breeds and are very unruly with out construction. They pull HARD on the leash if they don’t seem to be educated in any other case. 

On the identical time, I think about each to be very delicate, “gentle” breeds who reply effectively to reward and affection, meals and toys. Labs much more so than Weimaraners.

Variations between Labs and Weimaraners 

The principle distinction between the 2 breeds aside from look is that Weimaraners take “excessive power” to a a lot greater stage than Labs. Their endurance is really spectacular. 

Whereas each breeds must run day-after-day, Weimaraners are very tough to reside with in the event that they don’t get some HARD working in each single day till they’re at the least 5 years outdated.

This distinction in power is as a result of Weims are pointing canine bred for upland fowl searching the place they cowl massive distances looking for birds out in entrance of their folks. They had been initially bred for searching massive recreation equivalent to deer and wild boar. 

Labs might be nice upland hunters too however they’re normally bred for retrieving geese and geese. When searching waterfowl, the Lab may sit in a blind for hours patiently ready for a duck and the right shot earlier than he crashes into the water for his retrieve. 

It’s uncommon for a weimaraner to have that stage of endurance, nor ought to anybody anticipate that from him.

Labs and Weimaraners love to smell

Whereas each breeds love to smell and forage, Weimaraners love to smell and observe their noses much more than Labs! They at all times have their little noses to the bottom in all environments and typically this makes them much less obedient. 

Let’s simply say Weimaraners are very “busy,” simply distracted canine. Labs are high-energy, working canine too, however most of them have a neater time settling down, particularly when nothing’s occurring. 

That is one cause why Labs make such nice remedy canine and information canine. You don’t see many Weimaraners working as information canine, although some are nice remedy canine.

Now let’s have a look at some extra particulars evaluating a Lab vs Weimaraner.

Lab vs. Weimaraner measurement

Each breeds can fluctuate fairly a bit in measurement with Weimaraners sometimes barely taller and bigger than Labs. However Weims even have a extra “glossy” or slender look to them in my view due to their quick coats.

The AKC says that male Labs are typically 22.5 to 24.5 inches tall and 65-80 kilos. (Canine are measured to their withers, which is the very best a part of their again). 

Feminine Labs are 21.5 to 23.5 inches and 55 to 70 kilos, based on the AKC.

For Weimaraners, the AKC says males are typically 25 to 27 inches tall and 70 to 90 kilos. Females are 23 to 25 inches tall and 55 to 75 kilos.

That being mentioned, these “breed requirements” are for match and trim canine. I believe everyone knows just a few Labs and perhaps some Weims who’re a lot nearer to 90 or 100+ kilos as a result of they’re very chubby! That is an unlucky actuality. 

Each my canine are on the smaller measurement for his or her breeds, particularly for males. My Lab and my Weimaraner are nearly precisely the identical top, size and weight, really. They’re each about 23” tall and about 65 kilos.

Each of my canine come from area strains vs. present strains. Sporting canine bred for searching or different sports activities are sometimes a bit of smaller and extra athletic than the strains bred for present (although, not at all times).

Once I watch the Westminster Canine Present yearly, I’m at all times stunned by how cumbersome the Labs and Weimaraners look!

Weimaraner Vs. Labrador coloration

Weimaraners are available varied shades of grey from a lightweight “silver” grey or a mouse grey all the way in which to a deep, darkish grey which is named “blue.” A “blue” coat on a Weimaraner is taken into account a disqualification in AKC Conformation occasions.

Labradors are available three commonplace colours – black, yellow and chocolate.

Yellow Labs have an enormous vary of shades from mild cream to a deep crimson, sometimes called “fox crimson.” These shades are all thought-about yellow Labs. “Fox Pink Labs” or “Pink Fox Labs” are yellow Labs of the darkest shade.

There are additionally “silver Labs.” Some breeders reject silver Labs all collectively and a few breeders particularly breed them.

What’s a silver Lab?

Silver Labradors are Labs with a “silver” or grey coat coloration. 

The grey or silver coloration is a results of a “dilute gene” that causes the Lab to have a lighter coat coloration, nostril and eyes. It’s really a “dilute chocolate.”

The dilute gene is regular in lots of canine breeds, equivalent to Weimaraners, which explains all Weimaraners have that distinctive grey coat, mild nostril and eyes.

You may learn extra particulars on the dilute gene in silver Labradors on this article: silver Labrador info.

Silver Lab vs Weimaraner

Silver Labs and Weimaraners each have the “dilute gene” that offers them their grey coat, light-colored nostril and light-weight eyes.

Aside from that, they’re two separate breeds. Silver Labradors are identical to the opposite Labradors!

Labrador vs Weimaraner coat size

Weimaraners have a brief, glossy coat. They get chilly simply within the winter, and their paws get chilly simply within the snow and ice.

Labs have a thick, dense coat that’s straight and medium size. They’re very hardy and may deal with chilly climate, snow and icy water very effectively due to their undercoat.

Like most breeds, you do need to watch out with Weimaraners and Labs in sizzling climate in order that they don’t overheat. It helps that Labs normally LOVE to dive into any supply of water whether or not it’s a plastic youngsters’ pool, a lake or the ocean. 

Some Weimaraners love the water as effectively. It’s form of hit and miss with them. My Weimaraner doesn’t just like the water until it’s a extremely popular day, then he’ll wade right into a creek or puddle.

Which is best with youngsters? A Lab or a weimaraner?

Labradors and Weimaraners might be excellent with youngsters. Normally, each are very pleasant and love all folks, together with kids.

These breeds are massive and excessive power so in fact they’ll simply knock over babies or crash proper into them when chasing a toy. Additionally they like to lick babies within the face.

Labs are typically much more tolerant with kids than Weimaraners. Labs are one of many prime breeds for information or service canine. They’re typically very tolerant, affected person and mild canine. This is among the causes they’re so widespread as pets.

Weimaraner pet value vs Lab pet value

Costs fluctuate fairly a bit, however you may anticipate to pay $1,500 to $3,000 for a purebred Lab or Weimaraner pet from a good breeder who retains a wait record.

Since Labs are one of many prime breeds in america, you may definitely discover one for much less cash as a result of there are many folks breeding their canine simply to have a litter or two or simply as a “pastime.” I personally want to purchase my canine by established breeders who I do know and belief.

There are additionally hundreds of Labs and Lab mixes out there for adoption by shelters and rescue teams. In some areas, you may undertake a canine out of your county shelter for round $150.

Rescue teams sometimes cost bigger adoption charges, however they fluctuate fairly a bit. On the excessive finish, I’ve seen adoption charges of round $800 and on the decrease finish the price is $200-$300.

Labrador vs. Weimaraner power

That is the primary distinction between the 2 breeds. Weimaraners have much more power than a typical Labrador and they should run for a superb hour or extra each single day. 

This might be working with their particular person, visiting the canine park, climbing, and so on. Taking part in fetch within the yard isn’t going to chop it.

If strolling on a leash is a Weimaraner’s predominant type of train, then an hour a day is absolutely the minimal. Throughout their youthful years, 90 minutes could be higher.

After all, there are some Labradors that could be nearly as excessive power as a Weimaraner, however not normally. And there are some lower-energy, calm Weimaraners on the market, as effectively.

Working with Lab vs working with a Weimaraner

One of many causes I needed a Weimaraner was so I might have a canine who might tag alongside on my lengthy coaching runs. I take pleasure in coaching for marathons and it has been good to have the ability to take my Weimaraner alongside for nearly any distance.

My Weimaraner can also be a very good canicross canine. Canicross is a sport the place the canine wears a harness that attaches to a bungee line you put on round your waist. You run along with your canine pulling you. 

Weimaraners make good canicross canine as a result of they wish to run exhausting giving it 110% always pulling like a practice!

Typically folks get a Weimaraner or related breed pondering they may make good working companions. That is true, however heading out for a 30-minute run a couple of times every week merely won’t lower it for these breeds.

Because of this, I wish to stress that Labs additionally make very good working companions. Labs are most likely higher working companions for most individuals as a result of they normally fall into a pleasant, regular tempo close to your facet. Working with my Lab could be very peaceable.

If you happen to wish to run for 30 to 60 minutes just a few occasions per week at a snug tempo, then Labs are excellent! Some Labs may even tag alongside for longer distances as much as a half marathon or so. I plan to run a half marathon with my very own Lab sooner or later.

Looking with a Weimaraner or Labrador

Nothing makes my canine happier than doing what they had been bred to do. They completely mild up and get so excited once we go searching or do any kind of coaching involving their searching and sniffing instincts.

Weimaraners are a pointing breed. Labradors are flushers and retrievers in order that they have completely different searching kinds.

Whereas pheasant searching, Weimaraners are bred to seek for birds and “level.” Once they discover a pheasant or grouse, ideally they freeze and “level” with their physique language so the hunter can go in, flush and shoot the fowl. 

The benefit to having a pointing canine is the canine can cowl an enormous vary and when she finds a fowl, ideally she is going to “level” and stay regular till the hunter catches up. This might take a number of minutes, relying on how far forward the canine was.

Labradors seek for pheasants the identical method however as an alternative of “pointing” they go proper in and flush the fowl up so the hunter could make the shot. Because of this, Labs ideally work a lot nearer to the hunter.

One type isn’t higher than the opposite. It’s all simply private choice and the way you like to hunt. 

I personally love watching pointing canine within the area and Labs within the water. 

For duck hunters, Labs are among the best selections. Like I mentioned earlier, they’ve the endurance to attend within the blind after which crash out into the freezing chilly water to make their retrieve. They completely adore it!

What’s your expertise with Labs vs Weimaraners? 

Tell us within the feedback!



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