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Free the Animals! PETA Releases New ‘Bunny Raiders’ Recreation for PS4 and PS5

Free the Animals! PETA Releases New ‘Bunny Raiders’ Recreation for PS4 and PS5


For Quick Launch:
September 22, 2023

Tasgola Bruner 202-483-7382

Norfolk, Va.

Destroy killer robots with carrot bombs and bowling balls and liberate mice and monkeys from laboratories earlier than they’re utilized in painful experiments—that’s the mission in Bunny Raiders, PETA’s latest recreation for PlayStations (PS) 4 and 5, which is free to play and rated E10+ with on-line play for as much as 4 individuals. The Bunny Raiders are a courageous band of animal defenders sworn to guard their fellow sentient beings from the clutches of the experimentation business. Their motto: “No One Is Left Behind.” Watch recreation trailer right here.


“Frightened and confused animals are tormented, mutilated, and killed in chilly, barren laboratories each day, with no strategy to escape and even perceive what’s taking place to them,” says PETA Senior Vice President Joel Bartlett. “PETA’s Bunny Raiders lets avid gamers struggle for animal liberation and motivates them to affix our name for a change to superior, non-animal analysis.”

The missions in Bunny Raiders are based mostly on actual experiments, together with the compelled swim check—wherein susceptible small animals are positioned into inescapable cylinders of water and compelled to swim out of terror of drowning—and the monkey fright experiments performed by Nationwide Institutes of Well being experimenter Elisabeth Murray, who cuts open monkeys’ skulls, suctions out a portion of their mind, after which terrifies them with plastic spiders and snakes.


Bunny Raiders was created by recreation designer and developer Luc Bernard in collaboration with PETA. He was profiled by The New York Occasions for his groundbreaking digital Holocaust museum in Fortnite and by The Guardian for his free, instructional online game in regards to the Holocaust referred to as The Gentle within the Darkness. He’s additionally the expertise behind PETA’s widespread PS4 recreation Kitten Squad.

PETA—whose motto reads, partly, that “animals will not be ours to experiment on”—opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview. For extra data on PETA’s investigative newsgathering and reporting, please go to PETA.org, hearken to The PETA Podcast, or observe the group on X (previously Twitter), Fb, or Instagram.




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