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Easy methods to Calm Your Cat Throughout a Thunderstorm

Easy methods to Calm Your Cat Throughout a Thunderstorm


Indoor tabby cat sitting in the window gets surprised by the storm and rain

Most cats don’t like thunderstorms and there are a number of good causes for this. Thunderstorms are loud with sudden flashes of brilliant mild. That is scary for some folks, so for a cat, with their delicate listening to and incapacity to grasp what is occurring, it may be downright terrifying.

Fast Overview


Many cats don’t like thunderstorms, as a result of they’re loud and brilliant, and so they can simply choose up on the adjustments in atmospheric strain that include a storm.


Indicators of a frightened cat would possibly embody, hiding, restlessness, trembling, an elevated coronary heart charge, and inappropriate urination or defecation.


There are lots of methods to assist a distressed cat throughout a thunderstorm, from utilizing calming dietary supplements and soothing artificial hormones, to making sure accessible hiding spots with a favourite blanket or toy.

In case you have a cat who’s frightened by thunderstorms, learn on to find out about why they turn into so scared and what you are able to do to assist.

Why Are Cats Afraid of Thunderstorms?

Some cats, in fact, gained’t be too bothered by a thunderstorm. However for almost all of cats, thunderstorms are a extremely horrifying occasion. Let’s take a more in-depth have a look at why:

1. Cats Can Sense When a Storm Is on the Method

Cats are delicate to the adjustments in atmospheric strain and the build-up of static electrical energy within the air that happen effectively earlier than a storm arrives. Whiskers (vibrissae) are extraordinarily delicate to those adjustments within the setting.

There are nerve endings on the whisker ideas which transmit data to the mind the place it’s then processed. All of because of this nervousness units in effectively prematurely of the thunderstorm itself.

2. Cats Have Glorious Listening to

Cats are extraordinarily delicate to sound and listen to significantly better than we will, and even higher than most canine can. These loud thunderclaps that typically take us unexpectedly sound even louder to your cat. Earlier than the thunder begins, the sound of heavy rain or hail may also be horrifying in your pet, particularly when beating towards home windows or falling onto a roof or skylight.

Keep in mind that cats can hear sounds 4-5 instances additional away than people, so your cat hears the storm approaching effectively earlier than you do.

3. Cats Can Sense Vibrations

Cats can detect tiny vibrations within the floor by their paw pads. A cat’s paw pads include nerve endings known as Pacinian corpuscles which allow them to detect vibration frequencies between 80 and 240 Hz.

Because of this your cat can in all probability detect the distant rumble of thunder by their paws. A cat’s ft are a lot extra than simply cute little toe beans!

4. Cats Have Glorious Imaginative and prescient

White cat sitting beside a window at home

Some cats is not going to be distressed throughout a thunderstorm, however many discover storms very horrifying.

Cats can see six instances higher in dim mild than a human can. The sudden flashes of brilliant lightning that accompany all of the loud noises of a storm will add to your cat’s concern.

5. Cats Are At all times on Excessive Alert

Cats are sometimes in a state of hyper-vigilance due to their extremely tailored senses. This imply that they often overreact to issues which might be really innocent. As an illustration, a single sudden loud noise akin to a door slamming can ship your cat bolting for canopy.

Though this struggle or flight response makes cats effectively tailored for survival within the wild, it additionally implies that they’re possible already be in a heightened state of hysteria when a thunderstorm begins, exaggerating their concern response even additional.

6. Cats Don’t Know What’s Coming

When a storm comes, we’ve discovered to anticipate the accompanying claps of thunder, flashes of lightning, and torrential rain. For a cat, storms are unpredictable and so they don’t know what’s going to occur subsequent. The sights and the sounds seemingly come out of nowhere, making them scary.

7. Some Cats Would possibly Be Predisposed to Fearfulness

Cats with unknown backgrounds, a historical past of neglect, or generalized nervousness, are extra susceptible to thunderstorm phobia. If a cat has beforehand been trapped someplace throughout a storm, or been left on their very own, they’re extra more likely to have an elevated concern response to a thunderstorm sooner or later.

How Do I Know Whether or not My Cat Is Afraid of a Thunderstorm?

Cats typically cover indicators of concern or nervousness higher than even canine, so that you would possibly must preserve a detailed eye in your cat throughout a thunderstorm to verify that they’re doing OK. Indicators or behaviors that your cat is scared would possibly embody:

  • Operating away
  • Hiding
  • Trembling
  • Restlessness
  • Elevated vocalization
  • Elevated coronary heart charge
  • Inappropriate urination/defecation
  • Diminished urge for food
  • Extreme scratching

What Can I Do to Calm My Cat Throughout a Thunderstorm?

1. Create a Secure House

When a cat is frightened, they often choose to cover away someplace. Be certain that your cat has loads of choices the place they will search shelter and luxury and wait out the storm till it has handed.

Place a favourite toy or blanket for them to snuggle up with. Be certain that your cat’s favourite mattress is accessible in case that is the place she feels most secure. In case your cat chooses to cover away throughout a thunderstorm, then it’s best to depart them alone, somewhat than attempting to tempt them out.

2. Preserve Them Indoors

If you realize {that a} storm is on the best way, then preserve your cat inside till it has handed. Keep in mind to let everybody within the household know to not let your cat out and make sure you lock the cat flap briefly.

If the storm has already began and also you assume your cat may be hiding exterior someplace close by, attempt to lure them inside by rattling meals packing containers or jangling toys.

3. Shut Home windows and Curtains

Closing home windows helps scale back the noise stage from the sound of thunder and shutting curtains or blinds will scale back the affect of brilliant lightning flashes. This may assist to create a peaceful setting in your cat to really feel protected in.

4. Use a Pheromone Diffuser

A small white cat sleeps peacefully

A favourite blanket or toy can do lots to assist a distressed cat really feel calmer throughout a storm.

Pheromone diffusers akin to Feliway could be very efficient at serving to to ease nervousness in cats.  These artificial pheromones may have extra of a relaxing impact if they’re plugged in and switched on all the time, somewhat than simply as a storm begins.

There are additionally different pheromone merchandise you’ll be able to attempt, akin to sprays to spray in your cat’s bedding, or within the space the place they like to cover.

5. Flip the Radio On

Enjoying music by a radio or TV helps masks the scary sounds of storms. A research performed by the Scottish SPCA and the College of Glasgow confirmed that taking part in classical music has a soothing impact on canine, and the identical is probably going true of cats.

6. Attempt to Keep Relaxed

Your cat can choose up on refined indicators of stress or fear that you just may be exhibiting and this could enhance their concern. Stay calm and relaxed your self, particularly in case your cat has chosen to cover out in the identical room as you. You’ll be able to assist to offer reassurance to your cat by talking to them softly and calmly.

7. Supply a Distraction

Some cats would possibly admire a distraction from the sights and sounds of a thunderstorm. Catnip toys, puzzle feeders, and even easy objects akin to a cardboard field, all supply distraction in your cat till the storm passes. Some cats would possibly simply need to cover, and that’s positive; by no means pressure them to play if they’re happier hiding beneath the mattress or in a closet.

8. Use Calming Dietary supplements

Calming dietary supplements within the type of liquid, tablets, or capsules that may be opened and sprinkled on meals, can typically assist your cat to calm down throughout a storm. Most dietary supplements are sometimes greatest began just a few days earlier than the scary occasion, particularly if you realize {that a} storm is predicted.

9. Attempt Desensitization

To assist your cat cope higher with future thunderstorms, attempt to desensitize them to the sounds of thunder. There are thunder sound results out there on-line which might be designed for this use.

Play them very quietly to begin with and in every session, play the sounds a little bit louder, all of the whereas checking that your cat continues to be snug. Supply treats whereas the sounds are taking part in to create a optimistic affiliation in your cat. In case your cat is exhibiting indicators of anxious behaviors at any level, return to the earlier quantity setting and construct up extra step by step.

It’s regular for a cat to be petrified of thunderstorms and they’ll typically cover away till they cross. In case your cat appears particularly terrified, or doesn’t get better rapidly after the storm, then communicate to your veterinarian for additional assist and recommendation.

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Often Requested Questions

Will my cat be OK throughout a thunderstorm?

Cats would possibly present indicators of concern and nervousness throughout a storm, however they often address this by hiding away someplace they really feel protected and they’ll often get better fairly rapidly after the occasion. In case your cat is exhibiting excessive indicators of hysteria throughout a storm, speak to your veterinarian for additional recommendation.

Ought to I lock my cat in throughout a thunderstorm?

Most cats can be safer and really feel much less scared if they will cover away within the consolation of their very own residence. It’s often greatest to maintain your cat inside throughout a storm, the place you realize they are going to be protected and the sights and sounds of the storm are muffled.

Can I give my cat something to calm them down throughout a thunderstorm?

There are numerous calming dietary supplements for cats that may assist ease any nervousness your cat feels throughout a thunderstorm. They’re often handiest if they’re began a few days earlier than the occasion. Communicate to your veterinarian for extra recommendation about which dietary supplements would possibly work greatest in your cat.



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