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Down * Dishevelled Bulldogs




Like sit, the down command is
a vital a part of doggy etiquette

Mendacity down is among the more durable instructions
for canine to study, nevertheless it’s very helpful
Canines who perceive ‘down’ are far more
welcome in cafes and different public locations,
and far more nice to have close to the dinner desk

It’s additionally helpful to assist with social rigidity between canine
when they’re on the leash and
an approaching canine is scared or uncertain
Give your canine the down command
This may assist the opposite canine to really feel secure and go by

Laying down can be a great way to calm the canine
however attempt to not use the down command as a correction

I personally use totally different instructions
for down and settle down
The down command needs to be in regards to the place
the calming down, shouldn’t be a place however a mind-set


Get a pleasant smelling deal with
and maintain it in your closed hand
First ask your canine to take a seat, afterward you may train
to lie down from standing, nevertheless it’s best to begin from a sit

Place your hand as much as your canine’s nostril
permitting it to smell the deal with
Your canine will comply with the motion together with his physique,
decreasing his head and stretching towards the deal with
After your canine is within the inclined place, say Down
Give your canine the deal with and reward it




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