Home Animal Rescue Carrie and her puppies rescued

Carrie and her puppies rescued

Carrie and her puppies rescued


October 20, 2023

Meet Carrie, an ideal instance of why spaying and neutering is so necessary. Regardless of being at full capability, we responded to an pressing name a couple of younger stray canine giving start on a deck. Once we arrived, there was just one pet with mother; the others are gone. A neighborhood vet coincidentally knowledgeable us of a field of new child puppies introduced in that very same day. Questioning if these are hers, we visited the clinic—and Carrie fortunately accepted them!

We consider the puppies have been loaded up (with one being missed) and dumped on another person’s driveway who introduced them into the vet clinic. It’s disheartening that somebody felt the necessity to abandon Carrie, and extra disheartening that there are so few choices for undesirable pets.



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