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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Rosemary? Vet-Reviewed Vitamin Information & FAQ

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Rosemary? Vet-Reviewed Vitamin Information & FAQ


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Guinea pigs are herbivores and luxuriate in a variety of vegetation, together with rosemary! Rosemary isn’t discovered of their pure habitat, but it surely’s nonetheless a protected herb packed stuffed with diet for a wholesome pig. It’s additionally an awesome supply of fiber and vitamin C. A number of rosemary leaves a couple of times per week sprinkled on their meals is usually a nutritious addition to guinea pigs’ eating regimen.

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Guinea Pigs and Their Pure Food plan

Most guinea pigs are domesticated today, however these creatures are nonetheless in tune with their pure eating regimen of foraging for the most effective vegetation potential.

A guinea pig naturally grazes on quite a lot of contemporary grasses, flowers, and herbs. Their enamel proceed to develop regardless of their age, and roughage helps put on down their enamel and prevents dental points.

Domesticated pigs want a limiteless provide of Timothy hay (and/or grass), contemporary greens and greens, and a small quantity of guinea pig pellets.

The checklist of what a guinea pig can eat is so lengthy that it’s simpler to inform you what meals needs to be averted. Fortunately, rosemary is just not one among these vegetation.

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Rosemary Vitamin Information

Serving Measurement: 1 Tablespoon (1.7 grams)

Energy: 2.23
Protein: 0.056 grams
Vitamin C 0.37


Carbohydrates: 0.352 grams
Fiber: 0.24 grams
Fats: 0.1 grams

Rosemary is filled with antioxidants that help immune well being and has no sugar, however probably the most notable well being profit is its vitamin C content material.

Similar to us, guinea pigs can’t produce vitamin C themselves and so it is a vital a part of their eating regimen. Vitamin C protects guinea pigs from free radicals and is required for wholesome joints, pores and skin and gums. It’s additionally required for wound therapeutic. So it’s important to verify guinea pigs get sufficient vitamin C of their eating regimen . This herb is a scrumptious and pure supply of vitamin C to your guinea pig when fed together with different herbs and contemporary produce.

How A lot Rosemary Can I Supply My Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs want round 10–50 mg of vitamin C day by day. This may be achieved by way of offering them with a diverse eating regimen containing contemporary greens, herbs and fruit and guinea pig pellets supplemented with vitamin C. Some guinea pigs may have a further vitamin C complement.

The hot button is a diverse eating regimen and correct measurements.You don’t wish to give your guinea pig an excessive amount of rosemary, so a sprinkle of rosemary or a sprig now and again is ok. Combine it up somewhat and feed totally different vegetation to your guinea pig. Every plant accommodates numerous ranges of micronutrients, and your pig will probably be higher off this manner. Converse to your vet for recommendation on the right eating regimen plan to your guinea pig.

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Different Wholesome Herbs for Your Guinea Pig

You possibly can develop or forage scrumptious roughage so your guinea pig has a splendidly diverse eating regimen. Plus, many guinea pig-friendly herbs are additionally wholesome for people—simply keep away from vegetation with herbicides and pesticides and people discovered on busy roadways.

Preserve an eye fixed out for these herbs (many are wealthy in vitamin C as nicely):

  • Dandelion greens

  • Contemporary, untreated grass

  • Yarrow

  • Cleaver

  • Nettle

  • Borage

  • Marigold

  • Parsley

  • Coriander

  • Basil

  • Dill

Which Vegetation Ought to Be Averted?

Dry meals like oats, cereals, nuts, dried beans, grains, and seeds are excessive in carbohydrates and may subsequently be averted.

Some vegetation are additionally huge no-nos, like lilies, nightshades, oak, onion grass, daffodils, and foxglove. Onions, garlic, mushrooms, candy peas, and potato tops also needs to be averted.

Fruit is a good deal with, however as a result of they’re excessive in sugar, restrict how a lot you supply your pig.

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Rosemary is a superb addition to your guinea pig’s eating regimen. The herb is filled with vitamin C, absent of sugar, and low in energy. A fast sprinkle or sprig a couple of times per week is all of your guinea pig must benefit from the well being advantages of this highly effective herb.

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