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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Snails? Vet-Accredited Dietary Info & FAQ

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Snails? Vet-Accredited Dietary Info & FAQ


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The knowledge is present and up-to-date in accordance with the most recent veterinarian analysis.

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As a bearded dragon proprietor, that your pet is an omnivore, so it must eat each veggies and animal protein (often bugs). Within the wild, bearded dragons typically face excessive circumstances, and have tailored to consuming all kinds of meals, so they’d merely eat no matter got here alongside and the vegetation close by. When saved as pets, it’s as much as you to offer them with the right meals and vitamins, and also you wish to make sure you’re providing a wide range of meals whenever you feed them.

Meaning understanding what’s secure to your bearded dragon to eat. On the subject of feeding stay animals, you may need thought of snails to your pet. However can bearded dragons eat snails? The reply is sure, however with a number of limitations.

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Are Snails Secure for Bearded Dragons?

Snails are largely secure to your bearded dragon to eat (we’ll take a look at a few dangers under), and so they can provide your pet some diet, too. A snail and not using a shell consists of 76% moisture, 19% protein, 3% fiber, and just one% fats 1. Not solely that, however a snail with a shell affords your bearded dragon a calcium enhance, because the shell is made of just about solely calcium carbonate (and having sufficient calcium of their weight loss plan is important for bearded dragons!).

The dietary worth of snails can enhance even additional if they’re intestine loaded earlier than you feed them to your beardie.

One matter to think about is whether or not or not your bearded dragon will even like snails. Each animal is totally different, in fact, however bearded dragons may not be keen on consuming snails, maybe due to the mucus they produce. There’s no method to know till you attempt giving your pet snails to eat, however in a single research 2 of untamed bearded dragons in Australia, no snails have been discovered of their diets. This can be attributable to a scarcity of snails within the habitat sampled, or it could mirror a dislike for these shelled gastropods.

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Dangers of Feeding Snails to Bearded Dragons

There are additionally some potential dangers of feeding snails to your pet, of which you have to be conscious.

Firstly, you will need to by no means give your bearded dragon any snails from the yard. Whereas grabbing snails from the wild is undoubtedly handy, you don’t know the place they’ve been. Wild snails may need eaten or gone by way of pesticides and fertilizers, or have parasites, which might then hurt your pet. As an alternative, you’ll wish to go together with farm-raised snails (which you need to be capable of find on-line and in pet shops).

One parasite that may be carried by snails is rat lungworm. Although this parasite doesn’t absolutely mature in snails, it could possibly nonetheless be handed on when snails are eaten. And whereas lungworm is a parasite extra generally present in canines than bearded dragons, there’s proof rat lungworm has been handed on to frogs lately, so it isn’t out of the realm of chance.

The dimensions of snails may pose a potential threat to your bearded dragon. Relying on the dimensions or the snail and your beardie, a tiny snail could possibly be a choking hazard, or a big snail could possibly be too troublesome for them to eat. A great rule of thumb when feeding your bearded dragon is to by no means give it something bigger than the house between their eyes.

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Feeding Snails to Your Bearded Dragon

You can provide your bearded dragon stay snails however restrict them to an occasional deal with to your pet (in the event that they find yourself liking them in any respect). We’d additionally advise leaving snails to grownup bearded dragons, as any snails sufficiently small for infants and younger ones could be largely water quite than providing any true dietary worth.

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Last Ideas

Snails could make a nutritious deal with to your bearded dragon, particularly contemplating their shells are made largely of calcium carbonate. Nonetheless, there are a handful of dangers concerned with feeding snails to your pet, plus the prospect they gained’t get pleasure from snails in any respect. So long as you’re cautious about contemplating the dimensions of the snail you wish to give your pet and all the time supply them from a pet meals provider, snails ought to be comparatively secure to your bearded dragon.

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