Home Cat Bulgarian Shepherd (Karakachan) vs. Nice Pyrenees: The Variations & Photos

Bulgarian Shepherd (Karakachan) vs. Nice Pyrenees: The Variations & Photos

Bulgarian Shepherd (Karakachan) vs. Nice Pyrenees: The Variations & Photos


Bulgarian Shepherd vs Great Pyrenees - Featured Image

The comparability of the Bulgarian Shepherd and Nice Pyrenees is a research of contrasts. Each breeds are comparable in measurement, look, and jobs. Nevertheless, they’re oceans aside in relation to the recognition, availability, and recognition of the 2. The previous is comparatively uncommon and will take analysis to tease out the variations. Regardless of all the pieces else in regards to the two canines, the latter will probably be the deal-breaker, however this relies on what you’re actually in search of.

Apparently, each breeds originated in Europe and sure have shared ancestry on some fronts. In addition they have had comparable jobs, which may straight have an effect on a canine’s character and temperament. The Bulgarian Shepherd is a newcomer to america, whereas the Nice Pyrenees has been right here for many years. That may have an effect on their respective availability and worth.

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Visible Variations

Bulgarian Shepherd vs Great Pyrenees - Visual Differences
Picture Credit score: Left – Julian Popov, Shutterstock | Proper – HelloRF Zcool, Shutterstock

At a Look

Bulgarian Shepherd

  • Common peak (grownup): 23–30 inches

  • Common weight (grownup): 75–120 kilos

  • Lifespan: 10–12 years

  • Train: 1+ hours a day

  • Grooming wants: Reasonable

  • Household-friendly: Sure

  • Different pet-friendly: No

  • Trainability: Clever, loyal, impartial

Nice Pyrenees

  • Common peak (grownup): 25–32 inches

  • Common weight (grownup): 85–100 kilos

  • Lifespan: 10–12 years

  • Train: +1 hours a day

  • Grooming wants: Reasonable

  • Household-friendly: Sure

  • Different pet-friendly: Typically

  • Trainability: Clever, protecting, affectionate


Bulgarian Shepherd Overview

karakachan puppy or bulgarian shepherd dog lying on the grass
Picture Credit score: Julian Popov, Shutterstock

The historical past of the Bulgarian Shepherd goes again to historic occasions. Herding has been a part of the tradition. These canines didn’t herd livestock however protected them from predators comparable to coyotes, bears, and wolves. This position accounts for a lot of elements of the pup’s habits. It undoubtedly influenced the selective breeding of this canine by way of the ages.

In contrast to the Nice Pyrenees, the Bulgarian Shepherd isn’t acknowledged by any of the main organizations, such because the American Kennel Membership (AKC) or the UK’s Royal Kennel Membership. The one one which supplied this standing was the Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology (BRFC). It has since terminated its relationship with the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

That will make figuring out the lineage of a Bulgarian Shepherd pet extra problematic because the BRFC is not issuing pedigrees. Nonetheless, the breed has gained recognition in america and Europe. The primary advocate for the canine stateside is the American Karakachan Canine Affiliation.

Persona / Character

The Bulgarian Shepherd is an impartial animal, which isn’t uncommon for livestock safety (guarding) canines (LPDs). Historically, their contact with folks can be restricted to foster the animal’s deal with defending their expenses. They’re clever and constant pets. If socialized early, they’re affectionate and playful relations.

bulgarian shepherd or karakachan dog laying on the grass meadow protecting the sheep
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The Bulgarian Shepherd is healthier suited to skilled canine house owners than people in search of a first-time pet. The scale and temperament of this pup require early coaching emphasizing optimistic reinforcement and consistency. They are often delicate to harsh phrases or reprimands. Their impartial nature could show difficult.

Well being & Care

The Bulgarian Shepherd is a comparatively wholesome breed. Nevertheless, it’s value mentioning that it’s not part of the Orthopedic Basis for Animals (OFA) Canine Well being Info Heart (CHIC). Nonetheless, selective breeding has been conservative with this canine. They might have comparable well being dangers as different massive canines for hip and elbow dysplasia.

Appropriate For:

We don’t suggest the Bulgarian Shepherd for novice pet house owners. This pup wants an proprietor who’s skilled at dealing with massive canines with an impartial nature. Consistency is important for molding the animal’s canine manners. In addition they require day by day train to maintain them mentally and bodily wholesome. People capable of spend time working with this pup may have a loyal and devoted companion.

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Nice Pyrenees Overview

Great Pyrenees puppy strolling down the road
Picture Credit score: Kerrie T, Shutterstock

The Nice Pyrenees is one other historic breed, tracing its historical past to southwestern Europe. Given its location and objective as a guardian for livestock, it could have some traits and lineage just like the Bulgarian Shepherd. It’s additionally a big animal however doesn’t have the mastiff-like look of different canines from this area. It normally is white or cream with extra of a wolf-like look to its head and muzzle.

The breed is native to France, with writing talking of the canine’s light nature going again a whole bunch of years. It had a brush with the Aristocracy within the court docket of King Louis XIV because the Royal Canine of France and later as a pet of Britain’s Queen Victoria. The Nice Pyrenees made it throughout the pond in 1931, the place it grew to become common fairly rapidly. The AKC formally acknowledged the breed in 1933.

Persona / Character

The human affect is clear within the animal’s temperament. The Nice Pyrenees is a mild and affectionate canine with its relations. Nevertheless, it nonetheless retains the alertness and watchful eye of a guardian canine. Whereas the pup is sweet with youngsters, it is best to supervise playtime with young children if simply due to the canine’s measurement.


The Nice Pyrenees is one other breed higher suited to skilled pet house owners. The canine is clever however might be difficult to coach if you happen to don’t begin early. Whereas it isn’t nippy, this pup has a powerful prey drive and wanderlust, which isn’t surprising, given its job. This pooch can be delicate to robust reprimands and responds greatest with optimistic reinforcement.

Great Pyrenees in the mountain
Picture Credit score: Paolo Seimandi, Shutterstock

Well being & Care

The Nice Pyrenees Membership of America is proactive relating to the breed’s well being. Evaluations for patella luxation and hip dysplasia are necessary. The group recommends a number of different exams and screenings. This canine wants day by day train for its psychological and bodily well being. In any other case, the breed has a average propensity to turn into chubby.

Appropriate For:

The Nice Pyrenees is appropriate for an skilled pet proprietor keen to work with their canine with constant coaching. The pup requires day by day care and brushing for this shedding breed. This pooch tends to bark or howl—a behavior you need to curb as a pet. We wouldn’t name the Nice Pyrenees a newbie pet, however one that may make a pleasant addition to the appropriate household.

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Which Breed is Proper for You?

The Bulgarian Shepherd and Nice Pyrenees have comparable backgrounds and temperaments that mirror their roles as guardians of the herd. Each are impartial and typically difficult to coach. The distinction between the 2 comes from their official recognition and the group behind it.

The Bulgarian Shepherd is a good-looking canine with many fascinating traits. Fanatics are passionate in regards to the breed. Nevertheless, the Nice Pyrenees comes with a stable backing of its American membership, participation with the OFA, and the standing of formal recognition by a number of organizations. There are at all times unknown unknowns with pet possession. But, the Nice Pyrenees gives peace of thoughts on that rating.

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