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Black Cat Syndrome: Details vs. Myths

Black Cat Syndrome: Details vs. Myths


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Black Cat Syndrome refers back to the superstition and perception that black cats are related to dangerous luck, misfortune, and even evil omens, main to numerous myths and misconceptions about them. When you’ve got heard that black cats are dangerous luck, maintain studying as we separate reality from fiction that can assist you be higher knowledgeable.

Black Cat Details

1. Black Cats Are Adopted Much less Incessantly From Shelters

One of many greatest points dealing with black cats is that they will not be adopted as often as different colours resulting from folks’s fears and superstitions. Some research counsel that folks have a unfavourable opinion of black cats and really feel that orange cats are the friendliest, making them the almost certainly to be adopted.

Nonetheless, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals discovered that folks have a tendency to decide on their cats based mostly on habits extra often than colour.1 One other research confirmed that whereas they’re the second commonest colour to enter shelters, black cats are the second commonest colour to go away, and they’re behind the brown tabby in each circumstances.2

Nonetheless, many adoption companies take steps to persuade potential house owners to spend extra time with black cats to extend adoption charges and fight stereotypes.

2. Black Cats Are Arduous to {Photograph}

The colour black absorbs mild, making it onerous for the autoexposure on many computerized cameras to work correctly, which implies many pictures of those cats are blurry in comparison with related footage of light-colored cats. Manually adjusting the main focus, publicity, and lighting and selecting a great background will allow you to take gorgeous and clear pictures of black cats.

a black cat staring
Picture Credit score: ClaudiaWollesen, Pixabay

3. Black Cats Make Fantastic Pets

Irrespective of the breed, their fur colour is the one factor completely different a couple of black cat in comparison with different cats. They’re often playful and curious and type robust bonds with their house owners.

4. Black Cats Are Higher Off Indoors

Cats of any colour can do a substantial amount of environmental injury if you happen to allow them to go exterior. They typically kill smaller animals for enjoyable and may dramatically scale back populations of birds, bugs, and different animals. They’re additionally at risk from bigger predators, corresponding to canine and coyotes, in lots of areas. There will be toxins within the meals that they eat, and flea and tick bites danger their well being. Felines are additionally fairly promiscuous, and letting your unspayed or unneutered cat go exterior can result in many extra cats.

Many individuals have superstitions about black cats and may attempt to hurt them. Due to this fact, it’s higher to maintain your cats indoors if doable.

black cat looking out window
Picture credit score: Sean Corcoran, Pixabay

Black Cat Myths

1. Black Cats Are in Hazard on Halloween

With so many individuals being afraid of black cats, believing that they may very well be at risk on Halloween isn’t unreasonable. Individuals typically attempt to destroy the issues that they worry, and Halloween is meant to be when witchcraft and the supernatural are at their strongest. In actual fact, many individuals report that their native animal shelters refuse to permit folks to undertake black cats on Halloween out of worry of dangerous intentions.

Nonetheless, the Alley Cat Allies stories that no information helps claims that black cats are in any extra hazard than cats of different colours on Halloween or some other night time and that there is no such thing as a actual want for shelters to stop adoptions. Doing so will solely make it tougher for these animals to seek out houses.

2. Black Cats Are Dangerous Luck

The superstition that encountering a black cat, particularly if one crosses your path, brings dangerous luck is rooted in cultural beliefs. This perception doubtless gained prominence because of the colour’s associations with darkness, dying, and the unknown throughout the Center Ages. Individuals typically believed that if the cat walked into the room or lay on the mattress of a sick particular person, they’d die. There are those that nonetheless consider that in the event that they cross your path, you might be in for dangerous luck.

In fact, attributing misfortune to a innocent animal based mostly on their colour lacks scientific credibility. In actuality, black cats haven’t any management over human occasions or luck.

black cat with glowing eyes in the dark
Picture Credit score: Angeles Balaguer, Pixabay

3. Black Cats Are Witches

Individuals typically related black cats with witches and black magic in medieval occasions. They believed that the witches changed into cats at night time to do their satanic work. It even triggered folks to kill cats with their house owners throughout the Salem witch trials of the late 1600s. Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a proof that folks can flip into cats!

4. Black Cats Are Good Luck

In south France, there’s a fantasy that black cats are good luck, making them a well-liked present for brides. Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a proof that cats of any colour have an effect on luck, for higher or worse.

Black cat getting chin scratched
Picture Credit score: Helena Lopes, Pexels

5. Black Cats Are Extra Aggressive

No scientific proof means that black cats are extra aggressive than cats of different colours. In actual fact, black cats are likely to have a popularity for being exceptionally candy and laidback. Genetics, socialization, and setting affect temperament greater than coat colour, anyway. Their upbringing, experiences, and particular person persona traits create their persona, and attributing it to paint solely helps the parable proceed and overlooks the complicated nature of feline habits.


Sadly, many myths about black cats nonetheless exist in fashionable occasions regardless of the dearth of proof. Aside from coat colour, there is no such thing as a distinction between black cats and different cats of various colours. They don’t seem to be a witch in disguise, they aren’t aggressive, and so they don’t trigger dangerous luck, whether or not they enter your room at night time or cross your path.

It’s true, although, that it’s tougher for an newbie photographer to get a great image of a black cat, particularly in the event that they’re nonetheless studying about lighting and distinction. Additionally, black cats are typically adopted much less often, particularly with many shelters stopping their adoption round Halloween. One ultimate reality is that black cats make fantastic pets, and like cats of any colour, they’re higher off indoors, the place they’re secure.

Featured Picture Credit score: Netti_Nu_Nu, Pixabay



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