Home Animal ‘Big Nuns’ Name On Pope Francis to Finish the Church’s Ties to Bullfighting

‘Big Nuns’ Name On Pope Francis to Finish the Church’s Ties to Bullfighting

‘Big Nuns’ Name On Pope Francis to Finish the Church’s Ties to Bullfighting


PETA supporters perched on stilts and dressed as nuns had been in Marseille as we speak, along with animal advocacy group Catholic Concern for Animals, urging the visiting Pope Francis to publicly condemn the merciless torture of bulls.

The “nuns” reminded the gathering crowds that holding bullfights in honour of saints or throughout Catholic celebrations goes towards the Christian instructing of compassion for all. The motion is a part of an worldwide marketing campaign by PETA entities calling on Pope Francis to take a stand towards bull torture.

Bull Torture Is Something However Christian

Bullfighting is a ritualised bloodbath that might not be additional faraway from Christ’s teachings of affection and mercy in the direction of each dwelling being. The Bible asks us to be compassionate to all of God’s creations, but bulls are being tortured within the identify of saints.

His Holiness Pope Francis wrote in his encyclical Laudato Si’ that, “Each act of cruelty in the direction of any creature is ‘opposite to human dignity’”, and as early because the sixteenth century, the now canonised Pope, Saint Pius V, banned bullfights on account of their being “merciless” and opposite to “Christian piety and charity”. This ban, which forbids clergymen and different clergy from attending bullfights and precludes such occasions from going down on non secular holidays, is technically nonetheless in place as we speak. Nevertheless, due to the Church’s failure to implement this ban, Catholic clergymen officiate at non secular ceremonies in bullrings and even minister to bullfighters in chapels constructed inside arenas.

Bloodbaths and Ritualised Executions

Throughout these bloody executions, the bulls are tormented and stabbed with spears and banderillas till they’re weakened and defenceless. Then, a matador stabs the animal with a sword. Usually, the bull drowns in his personal blood when his lungs are pierced as an alternative of his coronary heart. Lastly, a knife is used to chop the bull’s spinal twine and he’s dragged away – simply as one other bull is compelled into the ring to endure the identical destiny.

Take Motion for Bulls

Pope Francis is broadly celebrated for his kindness to animals, so PETA is looking on him to take a stand towards these abominable spectacles and let the 1 billion Catholics world wide know that bullfights go towards Christian virtues.

Please signal our petition to Pope Francis, urging him to publicly denounce the cruelty of bullfighting spectacles within the Church’s identify:




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