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‘American Pistachio Growers’ Cuts Ties With Iditarod Musher

‘American Pistachio Growers’ Cuts Ties With Iditarod Musher


Excellent news! Following a push from PETA and greater than 60,000 of our supporters, American Pistachio Growers has ended its sponsorship of infamous Iditarod musher Dallas Seavey.

In 2017, Seavey was implicated in a dog-doping scandal and a subsequent whistleblower report alleging dying puppies and injured, sick canines at a kennel he reportedly owned in Willow, Alaska. The kennel was additionally accused of killing canines who have been deemed too sluggish or unfit for races.

American Pistachio Growers’ determination to chop ties with the infamously merciless musher represents the huge decline in assist—from each sponsors and the general public—for the lethal Iditarod.

THIS Is What the Iditarod’s Sponsors Are Funding

The Iditarod forces canines to run almost 1,000 miles in lower than two weeks, throughout which they typically maintain bloody toes, torn muscle tissue, stress fractures, and bleeding ulcers. Aspiration pneumonia—a lung an infection caused by inhaling one’s vomit—is the main reason behind loss of life for canines within the Iditarod.

dog's bloody paw

Dallas Seavey’s father, Mitch, was implicated in a PETA investigation into Iditarod mushers’ kennels. At his kennel, employees harnessed canines with apparent paw accidents to sleds and compelled them to run—at occasions hanging them so they’d “line up” and “hear.”

Dozens of corporations, together with Millennium Accommodations & Resorts—which had sponsored the Iditarod for almost 30 years—Alaska Airways, Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, Jack Daniel’s, and Wells Fargo, have ended their sponsorships of the Iditarod. With every of PETA’s victories, we flip our focus to the shrinking variety of sponsors, like Liberty Media/GCI, which can be nonetheless keen to bankroll a race that runs canines to their deaths.

Urge the Remaining Firms to Cease Sponsoring the Iditarod

PETA’s race to finish the Iditarod is way from over. We want your assist to maintain the strain on its remaining sponsors to cease funding this excessive cruelty to canines. Urge Liberty Media/GCI to drop the Iditarod:

Then be part of Alaskan residents in urging Voyij and 57 Peaks to cease selling the lethal race:



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