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Adoption ideas: Cat-to-cat introductions – Ontario SPCA and Humane Society

Adoption ideas: Cat-to-cat introductions – Ontario SPCA and Humane Society


Adjusting to a brand new dwelling is usually a horrifying and anxious expertise for a cat who’s not used to transitions. Then you definitely add assembly a stressed-out resident cat and it might turn into much more tough. Beneath are some ideas and tips to assist your adopted cat to just accept – and be accepted by – the remainder of your furry household. We’ll additionally share ideas to assist your resident cat to really feel extra snug with the transition as effectively. 

Essential notes 

Don’t be discouraged in case your new and resident cat(s) don’t turn into fast mates. It may well take many cats eight to 12 months to develop a friendship. Others might by no means turn into mates and easily study to dwell collectively comfortably.  

Whereas there isn’t any definitive method to decide whether or not your cat will get together with a selected animal, typically the cats that alter best are those that’ve lived beforehand with different animals. 

Whatever the age or background of the cat you’ve adopted they need to be launched to different animals steadily to assist encourage applicable and optimistic interactions. Previous to bringing a brand new cat dwelling, test together with your veterinarian to make sure all of your resident pets are wholesome. Your new addition to the household also needs to obtain a clear invoice of well being earlier than you deliver them dwelling.  

Word: Understand that whereas some cats will be capable to breeze by way of every step after a short while, different cats would require longer at every step earlier than they’re able to take the introductions additional. Be affected person and permit your cat the liberty to maneuver by way of every step at his or her personal consolation degree. 

The 1st step: Creating a superb first impression 

In the course of the early levels of the introduction interval, it’s vital that your new and resident cats can odor and listen to each other however not contact. Introducing a sanctuary area to the brand new cat and guaranteeing your earlier cat additionally has protected areas will be essential. To stop unintentional face-to-face confrontations, confine your cat to a medium-sized room or “sanctuary area” with their meals, water, litter field and a mattress. Plan on your cat’s arrival by guaranteeing your resident animals are briefly confined till your new cat is of their room. 

To assist your furry mates affiliate optimistic experiences with each other, begin feeding their meals on both aspect of the door to this room so they’re in shut proximity. At first, their dishes ought to be positioned a minimum of just a few toes aside on all sides. If they continue to be calm, steadily transfer the dishes nearer till they’ll eat comfortably standing instantly on both aspect of the door. If both animal has a unfavorable response, transfer the dishes additional aside and repeat the method at a slower tempo.

Permitting your furry mates to steadily turn into accustomed to one another’s scents is a vital a part of the introduction course of. You are able to do this scent alternate by rubbing a towel in your new addition and placing it beneath the meals dishes of the resident pets (and vice versa). You too can swap beds or sleeping blankets between your resident animals and your new cat. 

As soon as these strategies have been used to familiarize your animals’ scents and your new cat is consuming frequently and utilizing their litter field, transfer to the following step.  

Step two: Permitting for sight introductions  

When you’ve returned your animals to their unique designated elements of the home you can begin the visible course of. Use two doorstops to prop open the dividing door sufficient to permit your new and resident furry mates to see one another whereas consuming. Do that supervised to make sure they don’t work together instantly. Over a interval of days (or longer if essential) attempt feeding your animals at a distance from the door.  

You possibly can steadily deliver the dishes nearer collectively if all cats show calm behaviours. Proceed the scent swapping all through. If both cat begins to show worry or aggression, try and distract them with increased worth meals or play and take a look at once more later at an additional distance. Shut the door if you find yourself not there to oversee and guarantee to take away all meals. 

Step three: Making the introductions (cat-to-cat) 

Whenever you first enable your cats to satisfy one another face-to-face, preserve your resident cat distracted with play, meals or pets and permit the opposite cat to enter the room. You probably have two individuals, have the second individual do the identical. If both animal turns into fearful or aggressive, distract them away from one another or separate them, and begin again at the 1st step taking small, gradual steps ahead once more.

Proceed to do small classes collectively day by day and slowly enhance the period of time the cats are collectively, utilizing distraction when doable in the event that they turn into uncomfortable.

When the cats are actively spending time collectively you possibly can start to permit them freedom when supervised, being certain to look at for fearful behaviours. Slowly enable them extra time collectively till they are often left alone. In case you are having points with introductions, separate your pets and speak to your veterinarian or a optimistic reinforcement-based animal behaviour skilled instantly for help. 

To assist ease the adjustment interval on your cats, guarantee that you’ve one further litter field than there are cats (e.g. two cats = three litter containers), this helps to maintain the resident pets’ schedules near what they have been earlier than the newcomer’s arrival and preserve the out of field elimination that will happen with sharing of litter containers. 

For tips about making cat-to-dog introductions, go to our weblog right here! 



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