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8 Cat Breeds with Pointy Ears: Footage & Details

8 Cat Breeds with Pointy Ears: Footage & Details


close up tortie point siamese kitten

Most cats have pointy ears. Nevertheless, some are pointier than others! There are a number of cat breeds which have very tall, slender ears, which makes them seem notably pointy.

Under, we’ve mentioned eight totally different cat breeds which have pointy ears. Many of those are associated to the Siamese, although there are a couple of unrelated breeds as properly.

The 8 Cat Breeds With Pointy Ears

1. Siamese

blue point siamese cat
Picture Credit score: Tatiana Chekryzhova, Shutterstock

The Siamese cat is thought for its elegant, slim physique. Its ears are equally formed, which makes them fairly pointy. Actually, they’ve one of many pointiest ears on the market. They’re additionally well-known for his or her blue almond-shaped eyes and smooth, slender our bodies.

Siamese cats are extremely social and vocal, usually forming robust bonds with their human companions. They’re affectionate, demanding of consideration, and love being on the heart of actions.

This breed can also be well-known for its loud, hanging vocalizations. They discuss rather a lot. Subsequently, they aren’t greatest for house owners searching for a quieter feline. We suggest them largely for house owners with loads of time on their palms, as they are typically extra needy than different cat breeds.

2. Oriental Shorthair

oriental shorthair cat
Picture Credit score: Ambiento, Shutterstock

The Oriental Shorthair is a detailed relative of the Siamese breed, sharing its smooth physique and hanging eyes. They’re usually thought-about the “various” model of the Siamese, coming in a variety of coat colours and patterns. Identical to the Siamese, the Oriental Shorthair has pointy ears that add to their unique and alluring look. Their ears are very skinny and are typically fairly tall.

These felines have related temperaments to Siamese, as properly. They’re very outgoing and affectionate. Plus, they are typically noisy, too. They’re mainly Siamese cats that are available in tons of various colours.

Nevertheless, identical to the Siamese, these cats want tons of psychological and bodily stimulation. These clever cats want psychological and bodily stimulation to maintain them entertained, and so they thrive in households that present loads of interactive playtime.

3. Balinese

balinese cat
Picture Credit score: SJ Duran, Shuttertock

Balinese are one other breed that resembles a Siamese, particularly of their ears. Nevertheless, they’ve a silky coat as a substitute of the very quick fur of a Siamese. They’ve blue, almond-shaped eyes, like a Siamese.

They type robust bonds with their human companions and sometimes observe them round the home to be a part of each exercise. Regardless of their lengthy fur, Balinese cats have minimal shedding, making them a preferred alternative for these with delicate allergy symptoms to cats. Nevertheless, you do need to brush their coats usually.

All of this provides as much as fairly a bit of labor. Subsequently, we solely suggest these cats for these with loads of additional time on their palms.

4. Javanese

tricolor javanese cat
Picture Credit score: abraham rizky sutadi, Shutterstock

The Javanese is one other breed intently associated to the Siamese and Balinese cats. They’ve pointy ears, hanging blue eyes, and a semi-longhaired coat. They’re extraordinarily just like the breeds we’ve already mentioned. They’re very vocal and affectionate, and you’ll count on them to be simply as needy as a Siamese, which suggests they’re solely appropriate for these with loads of time. They aren’t your common, keep-to-themselves cat.

They’re usually described as being “talkative,” participating in conversations with their human companions. Javanese cats are energetic and playful, having fun with interactive toys and puzzles that problem their clever minds.

5. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cat on sofa
Picture Credit score: New Africa, Shutterstock

Abyssinians are extraordinarily previous and have the same lanky stature to the opposite cat breeds on this listing. They’re recognized for his or her distinctive ticked coat, which makes them look fairly “wild.” Abyssinians have massive, almond-shaped eyes and, after all, pointy ears that contribute to their alert and expressive look.

These felines are extraordinarily energetic and agile. They want tons of train and do greatest with house owners that can encourage train. Plan on investing in loads of toys and climbing buildings. They may want them!

They prefer to discover and stay an energetic way of life. They’re nice felines to harness-train, which lets you take them exterior and discover. They do type robust bonds with their house owners, however they’re a bit aloof with strangers. These felines may be a variety of work, however they’re greater than value it for the fitting household.

6. Oriental Longhair

Longhair Oriental Domestic Cat
Picture Credit score: slowmotiongli, Shutterstock

The Oriental Longhair is actually a longhaired model of the Oriental Shorthair. They share the identical smooth physique, hanging eyes, and, most significantly, pointy ears.

Oriental Longhairs are nice for those who need an affectionate cat that bonds intently with people however with lengthy hair—not like many of the cats on this listing. These felines thrive on interplay, which is nice for those who wish to work together with their cats rather a lot. Nevertheless, this additionally implies that they should get consideration, or they will change into bored and harmful.

They get pleasure from taking part in with interactive toys and taking part in household actions. Their luxurious coat requires common grooming to stop matting and preserve it in prime situation. It’s essential to start out grooming them from an early age to get them used to it.

7. Cornish Rex

kitten Cornish Rex
Picture Credit score: Okssi, Shutterstock

The Cornish Rex is not simply one other model of the Siamese, like most of the cats on this listing. As a substitute, it’s a distinct breed with curly, tender fur. This breed additionally has very massive, pointy ears, and in addition has pretty slender our bodies and really distinctive cheekbones. They’re fairly angular and agile-looking.

These felines are typically very playful and energetic. They aren’t lazy lap cats like a number of the different breeds on the market. They’re exceptionally playful and affectionate and revel in cuddling with their people. These cats are extraordinarily sensible. Whereas this does make them simpler to coach, it additionally implies that they require extra consideration. They will simply change into bored, which might make them harmful.

On account of their quick, curly fur, they could want occasional bathing to maintain their coat clear and wholesome. Nevertheless, moreover that, they’re low-maintenance.

8. Devon Rex

Red Devon Rex
Picture Credit score: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, Shutterstock

The Devon Rex is one other curly-coated breed, resembling the Cornish Rex however with a barely longer and wavier coat. Like their Cornish counterparts, they’ve massive, pointy ears that body their distinctive faces.

These cats are extraordinarily social. Actually, they’re usually described as extra “dog-like” than “cat-like.” Subsequently, they’re excellent for these which are searching for a really attentive cat. Nevertheless, when you’re searching for a extra cat-like feline, the Devon Rex most likely isn’t your best choice.

The Devon Rex can also be extraordinarily playful—they’re usually amusing cats to be round. Nevertheless, they want a variety of toys and room to run to stay glad and properly taken care of.


Virtually all cats on the market have pointy ears. There are some exceptions, just like the American Curl or the Scottish Fold. Nevertheless, these cat breeds are few and much between. For essentially the most half, felines solely have straight, pointy ears. Nevertheless, some cats have far straighter and pointer ears than others.

Siamese and different Asian breeds are almost definitely to have pointy ears.

Featured Picture Credit score: Sari ONeal, Shutterstock



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