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14 Surprising Information About Male Cats (#7 Is Disturbing)

14 Surprising Information About Male Cats (#7 Is Disturbing)


A close-up portrait of a gray male cat with striking green eyes, capturing the cat's intense and captivating gaze.


Male cats are fairly just like feminine cats in some ways, however boys do have some attention-grabbing character traits and bodily variations. If you’re a cat lover who has each male cats and feminine cats as pets, you might need observed some distinctive traits about your male cat’s temperament, habits, bodily look, and extra. Learn on for 14 fascinating details about male cats.

1. Male Cats Are Extra More likely to Be Left-Pawed

Like people are right-handed or left-handed, cats might be right-pawed or left-pawed. In accordance with one research, about 75% of cats present a choice for utilizing one paw greater than the opposite.

And because it seems, 52.3% of male cats most well-liked utilizing their left paw, whereas 52% of feminine cats most well-liked utilizing their proper paw. General, fewer cats present a choice for a dominant paw in comparison with people. (99% of people have a powerful choice for being right-handed or left-handed.)

2. Most Orange Tabby Cats Are Male

As a result of the genes liable for coloration are sex-linked, orange cats usually tend to be male than feminine. The gene liable for the colour orange is carried by the X chromosome. Black can be contained inside the X chromosome. Feminine cats at all times have two X chromosomes (XX) and males at all times have one X and one Y (XY).

For a feminine cat to be orange, she will need to have the genes for orange in each her X chromosomes. Nonetheless, the gene for black is extra widespread in cats than the gene for orange, so it’s uncommon for females to inherit the 2 orange genes that they must be orange. However male cats solely want one orange X gene to be orange. Because of this, about 80% of all orange tabby cats are male.

3. Male Cats Are Nearly By no means Calico or Tortoiseshell

Facts about male cats: A tabby male cat perched on a rooftop, surveying its surroundings with a watchful demeanor.


The identical coloration genetics come into play for the calico and tortoiseshell coloration patterns. Nearly all calico or tortoiseshell cats are feminine. To be calico or tortoiseshell, a cat will need to have two X chromosomes (XX) that every carry the totally different alleles that create the calico or tortoiseshell coloration sample. Two XX chromosomes make the cat feminine. A cat with one X and one Y chromosome (XY) is male, in order that they theoretically can by no means show these colours.

Nonetheless, hardly ever, a male cat is born calico or tortoiseshell. This implies the cat has an additional chromosome that causes a situation known as Klinefelter’s syndrome. Male calico and tortoiseshell cats have three chromosomes (XXY) and are at all times sterile. Cats with Klinefelter’s syndrome may endure further well being points, together with cognitive and improvement points, elevated threat of damaged bones, and diminished life span.

4. Male Cats Have Shorter Life Spans Than Feminine Cats

One research discovered that the typical life span of male cats was 13 years, which was two years lower than feminine cats (15 years). This shorter life expectancy is probably going as a consequence of the truth that intact males are extra inclined to have wanderlust in the hunt for fertile females, which might put them into harmful conditions with vehicles, canine, and wildlife.

Cats that roam outdoors are additionally extra uncovered to lethal ailments like feline leukemia, feline infectious peritonitis, and rabies. Need extra years together with your male cat? Contemplate neutering him. Neutering male cats will increase their life expectancy—neutered male cats dwell about 62% longer than unneutered male cats.

5. Unneutered Male Cats Are Referred to as Tomcats

Intact male cats are sometimes known as tomcats. If the phrase sounds old style, it’s in all probability as a result of it comes from a fairly previous e book. Though nobody is aware of for sure, it’s doable that the time period took place due to a well-liked kids’s e book known as The Life and Adventures of a Cat, which was printed in 1760.

Within the e book, the principle character is known as Tom the Cat, and it’s probably that over time, individuals merely started referring to any male cat as a “Tom” or “tomcat,” and it caught.

6. Male Cats Have Nipples

Male cats don’t need to nurse kittens, so that you is likely to be shocked to find that every one male cats have nipples. Like feminine cats, male cats have 4 to 10 nipples organized in pairs alongside their bellies. A male cat’s small, undeveloped nipples are vestigial—they don’t produce milk or serve another goal. If it appears unusual, do not forget that most male mammals have vestigial nipples—together with people!

7. Male Cats Have Barbs on Their Penises

In case you have ever heard the screaming (also called caterwauling) that arises when cats are mating, the method may sound painful. In reality, it very probably is painful for the feminine cat. It’s because the male cat’s penis is barbed with tiny, keratinized spines, which in all probability trigger ache and discomfort for the feminine throughout mating.

The aim of the barbs is two-fold. First, they maintain the penis in place so the act might be accomplished. Additionally they are thought to set off ovulation within the feminine once they scrape the edges of the feminine cat’s vagina throughout withdrawal. Nature actually has attention-grabbing methods of guaranteeing the survival of a species.

8. Male Cats Have Bigger Territories than Feminine Cats

Facts about male cats: A Maine Coon cat with a fluffy tail walking away, displaying its majestic and distinctive appearance.


Male cats wander farther than feminine cats, whether or not we’re speaking about free-roaming feral cats, owned outside cats, or indoor cats that go outdoors. On common, male cats have territories which can be 3 times bigger than feminine cats, however some males might need territories 10 occasions bigger than females.

9. Male Cats Are Extra More likely to Urine-Spray than Females

Urine spraying is a traditional feline intuition that may be problematic when cats share their lives with people. Urine spraying includes a standing cat depositing urine on vertical surfaces like partitions, couches, or bushes.

Urine spraying is extra widespread in unneutered males as a result of it’s associated to territorial and mating habits. Typically, neutering dramatically decreases urine spraying. Even so, neutered males are twice as probably to spray as spayed females. Some intact males may also scratch to mark territory greater than females or neutered males. Offering loads of scratching posts all through your home may help include the scratching to applicable locations.

10. Intact Male Cat Pee Smells the Worst

Whether or not male or feminine, cat urine usually has a powerful odor. Nonetheless, the urine of unneutered male cats by far has essentially the most pungent and offensive scent. This is because of excessive ranges of testosterone and different hormones. Neutering is one of the best ways to reduce the scent of your male cat’s pee.

11. Some Intact Male Cats Have Tomcat Jowls (Cheeks)

When male cats should not neutered, their increased ranges of testosterone usually lead their our bodies to develop some options distinctive to males. One among these options is massive, spherical, pronounced cheeks, often called tomcat jowls. These jowls let feminine cats know that the male is able to mate and can even defend the cat throughout catfights with different males.

12. Intact Male Cats Have Larger Heads than Feminine Cats

The upper ranges of testosterone present in unneutered male cats result in bigger, extra muscular our bodies. However one thing most individuals don’t know is unbroken male cats can have noticeably bigger heads in comparison with females and neutered males.

The cranium itself is bigger and thicker, and pronounced cheeks, whisker pads, and snout add to an intact male cat’s general head largeness. In some breeds, the dimensions distinction between the female and male specimens might be fairly important, particularly in intact males.

13. It’s Cheaper to Neuter Male Cats than to Spay Feminine Cats

Neutering male cats is comparatively fast and simple, because the veterinarian doesn’t need to enter the physique cavity to take away the testicles. The process requires much less anesthesia, surgical instruments, and time, so it often prices a lot lower than a spay surgical procedure for a feminine, which is a extra invasive stomach surgical procedure.

Neutering your male cat reduces behavioral points like urine spraying, eliminates the prospect of testicular most cancers, and lowers the danger of different hormonally linked ailments. Male cats are inclined to recuperate from the neuter rapidly and often don’t require stitches.

14. Some Male Kittens Have Undescended Testicles

Facts about male cats: Two adorable kittens playfully interacting with each other, showcasing their youthful energy and cuteness


A medical situation known as cryptorchidism happens when one or each of a male cat’s testicles don’t descend into the scrotum as they need to. These boy kittens may seem to have a penis with no testicles, however the testicles are there—simply contained in the cat’s physique. Generally one or each testicles finally descend on their very own, however in some instances, they by no means come down.

A cat with one undescended testicle might be fertile however shouldn’t be bred because the situation might be hereditary. Neutering is really useful for all male cats with cryptorchidism as a result of undescended testicles are at the next threat of creating most cancers. The neuter process is extra concerned and dear for cryptorchid cats as a result of it requires the veterinarian to make a number of incisions to extract the testicle(s).



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